Friday, September 13, 2013

Notes from the Studio: Home Sweet Home

Time for a Little Redecoration
I gave my husband a full week after we had returned from our month long trip to let him know it was time for some redecorating in our home. As you can imagine, it didn't go over so well.

"We've just returned from an amazing trip, and you want to redecorate?"

As I scanned the 2 rooms in question, "Um, yes."

There was a grimace on his face. I'm sure in the back of his mind he was thinking this Fall would be the perfect time to just relax for awhile. Get back into the routine of school, work, and life, and possibly watch some football too. I can only guess a "fun" and most likely costly redecoration project was not on his radar.

A couple weeks have passed now since I sprung the news, and I've been slowly making progress. First, I've pulled out a pile of magazine cut outs I've been storing away, and have been doing a little low-tech Pinterest work by gathering up all the inspiration I can find. Of course, I'm also doing the high-tech approach and pinning away on my Home Sweet Home board.

Lastly, I've started to dig in to Holly Becker's Decorate Workshop book. Oh, what a feast for the eyes, with very "Betsy-like" exercises to help me think about the spaces I want to update. One of my main goals in redecorating is to add more personality to the spaces, specifically my family's personality. This book is definitely helping me pull out that information.

I'm also seeing a little softening up on my husband's part. We had to do some cleaning and moving around of some rugs this week (another long story, but let's just say the dog was involved), and it gave us a chance to see how much lighter the rooms feel without the dark rugs. I guess I should thank my dog for her troubles, since it looks like I'm getting my chance for a little redecoration after all!

I'll definitely post some updates along the way, and may just have to poll you wonderful readers when I'm stuck on finding what I'm looking for. Given how fast things move around here, it could take awhile, but I'm sure in the end, it'll be worth it!