Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pixies and Pirates or Mermaids and Pirates - Playful Alternatives to a Pirate Party Theme

Pixies and Pirates Party Invitation & Mermaids and Pirates Party Invitation by B.Nute productions
Your little one is begging for a pirate party theme but you're thinking the Pirates of Caribbean look may be a bit much. Or, perhaps, your rough and tumble girl loves pirates, but is also partial to a bit more girly theme too. Here are 2 great pirate party theme alternatives that are perfect for these scenarios and more-- a Pixies & Pirate Party and a Mermaids & Pirate Party.

Pixies and Pirate Party
A Pixies and Pirates Party is the happy marriage of a fairy theme and a pirate theme with a dash of Peter Pan's magical Neverland world. Tinkerbell and all her pixie friends always loved a little tussle with pirates every now and again, and this theme is the perfect blend of both fairy magic and fearless pirate fun. Check out this book below for some visual inspiration and party ideas:
In the Realm of the Never Fairies by Monique Peterson on
Mermaids and Pirates Party
For this party theme, just blend a mermaid theme with a pirate theme and sprinkle with a bit of the Little Mermaid to add pizazz! Pirates and Mermaids both love the sea-- although some are underneath the sea and some are above. Playing off these themes, your Mermaids and Pirates Party can be filled with hidden under water grottos, sunken treasures, secret sea shells and pirate mischief. Below is wonderful book for mermaid inspiration:
The Mermaid's Treasure by Stephanie True Peters on
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