Friday, September 6, 2013

Notes from the Studio: A Little More of Me

Pinboard in My Studio
Yesterday I spent some time on this blog doing some housework of updating links and organizing some content that had been buried deep in the chronology of past posts. I soon realized it was time for a little sprucing up. Not visually, per say, but in regards to breathing a little life into my regular content. Giving my posts some more personality.

Vintage Boy Scout Photo - Personality Bubbling from those Faces
It's similar to my current goal of sprucing up some rooms in my house. My cute throw pillows in my family room from 3 years ago have lost their pizzaz. The wonderful wall color of latte in my dining room needs some brightening up. And, perhaps my blog, which has been chugging along happily for over 6 years, needs a little bit more of me in it too!

I Couldn't Believe my Find - A Betsy Button!
It's ironic to look back, because when I started blogging, I intentionally kept the "blog" button hidden on my website. Can you imagine? Hidden, you say? What type of marketing faux-pas is that? Well, at the time, I wasn't quite sure that the world wanted a blog from me-- let alone anyone. Although blogging had been bubbling slowly in the tech world and with some crafty folks, it hadn't yet hit mainstream websites. Well, that sure changed quickly!

I'm Always Inspired by Type
Blogs are the bomb. Everyone needs one, and everyone needs to pump it daily with tantalizing pics, fabulous freebies and creative content. But what really makes me love certain blogs over others is when I get a little sense of who the gal or guy is behind the "wow." Reading posts where I realize, they are human like me. They too have some good days and some rough ones, some creative days, and some where nothing comes out. Some days they want to run away from it all, and some days they want to snuggle up with their family and just stay put. Blog posts like these put the person behind the pictures and makes me know it's actually created by an individual, not some factory that's sole job is to churn out pictures of steaming mugs of lattes with heart shaped foam.

No, This is Not Me - But Wouldn't It Be Fun to Be a Mermaid for the Day?
So back to my little "party place", B.Nute productions' blog. I'm ready to add that sparkle, and touch of me, that occasionally comes and goes, but stays pretty well hidden. I hope it adds a bit more to my designs, and gives you a little better sense of the "B." or Betsy behind B.Nute productions.