Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Plushie Monsters - The Perfect Present, Goodie Bag Gift or Act Activity at a Little Monster Party

Plushie Little Monsters and Pals - The Perfect Gift, Goodie Bag Treat or Art Activity
(created by my daughter!)
When my daughter came home from her beginning sewing class with these little monster plushies pictured above, I couldn't control my glee. "They are sooo cute," I exclaimed! I was so impressed what a little scrap fabric, some trim, buttons and felt could create, and best of all how easy it was, even for a beginner seamstress like my daughter.

Of course, I also thought how perfect these little plushies would be for a Little Monster party. One quick search on Pinterest proved that many folks agree! For the young party guest, you can easily create simple felt plushies to hand out as a goodie bag gift, or if party guests are older, you can set up a "make your own monster" table art activity. Below are a whole host of plushie links to get your little monster juices flowing!

Plushie <3: Lean How to Make Stuffed Animals and Rag Dolls - This site is plushie heaven! So many adorable ideas, patterns and how-to's you won't need to go much farther than this.

Mix and Match Felt Monsters on It's Always Autumn - A wonderful Little Monster plushie how to including pictures and patterns to step you through the process.

All About Plushies - Tutorials, Patterns and Inspiration on Pure Pleasure Design - Wow! Here is a list of plushie links that will have you crafting for days! Plushie sites, plushie tutorials, plushie patterns, you name it, it's here.

Little Monster and Other Plushie Ideas on Pinterest

... And some of my fav little monsters:

Look forward to seeing your plushie monster creations!