Friday, October 29, 2010

Hollywood Glamour Party: Art Activity and Game Ideas

Treat your guests like stars at your Glamourous Hollywood Party with these fancy, glittery and exciting art activities and game ideas!

Game Ideas

Red Carpet/Paparazzi Entrance
Although some stars are not too excited about the Paparazzi... for a new star, this attention can be very exciting! The best is to catch the guest star off guard. As they pull up to your house for the party, run out and star snapping pictures. Make sure to act very excited and say, "She's here... she's here... Look here, look here..." etc.! Once all the stars have arrived you can have another round of Paparazzi group shots. Having some type of red carpet, and/or roping off an area that the Paparazzi must stay behind will add to the effect.

After the party, be sure to download the pictures and send them to the star for their portfolio!

The Star Treatment: Pampering by the Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Department
Hollywood stars like to be pampered, so give them the treatment they expect with a visit to the wardrobe/costume department, as well as the Makeup and Hair Department.

Wardrobe/Costume Department
Scour the house, the attic or garage and thrift stores for those perfect Hollywood costumes.. it's amazing what you can find. Now set all the items out in a room to be picked through and tried on. Perhaps a few full length mirrors will help the Stars see how they look. Also, be sure to label the room with a "WARDROBE DEPARTMENT" sign! Here's a list of ideas to look for:

  • sunglasses
  • purses
  • hats (with feathers and/or netting even better!)
  • anything that sparkles (gold lamée, sequins, beadwork, and more)
  • shalls or wraps
  • boas
  • high heel slip on shoes
  • slips (women's slips make elegant evening wear!)
  • bow ties, and fancy ties (for the actors)
Hair and Makeup Department
Set up another room or space as the Hair and Makeup Department. (Again, a sign is perfect for denoting the space.) If you have a director style chair the star can sit in, great! Set up next to a table with a mirror on it. Now, get out all your eyeshadow, and makeup, hair spray and hair accessories and have fun making your star guests shine!

Worried there's too many guests, and not enough makeup artists and hair stylists? This is a perfect thing to hire a babysitter or preteen to help out with! They'll love giving kids makeovers!

Who Am I: Guess the Movie Star Game
This is a great game to star the party out! Before the party, write down a bunch of actor and actresses names on a piece of paper. Cut each out. Once all the guests are settled, tape a name to each persons back. The guests need to ask only yes/no questions to try to find out who is taped to their back. For a younger group of guests, pick out names of characters from children's movies that they would most likely know. For instance, Woody or Buzz from Toy Story, Flick from Bugs Life, Beethoven (the dog), etc.

Movie Trivia
There are plenty of Movie Trivia games on the market that you can buy and use the questions to host a game show for your stars! Break your party into teams, and ask a trivia question to the team. Each team that gets the question correct, gets a point. The first team to get 10 points, say, wins. Here are some helpful links:
Movie Trivia Questions for Kids
Movie Trivia Questions for Adults
Movie Trivia Games

Make a Movie
With a little prep work, this could be a lot of fun for all your star guests! Depending on the age and size of the crowd, it may be best to pick out a script for a skit before the party, print it out, and pick which guest will be which character.

For instance, here's an online script to Toy Story. Pick a specific scene that guests may already know, and have them act it out!

Provide costumes or accessories if possible to have the stars, "get into the role". Help them practice as well. Be sure to have your megaphone, and directors chair to make it official!

When it's show time, get out the video camera, your clapboard, and -- "Ready, Set, Action!"

After the skit is through, show the kids the performance so they can all get a laugh!

Art Activity Ideas
A Glamorous Glitter Frame Perfect for you Paparazzi Shot
What star wouldn't like a glittery frame to show off his or her paparazzi shot! Head to the local craft store, and pick up some inexpensive frames. Buy lots of gems, glitter glue, metallic pens, paint and more.

Set up a table at the party with the supplies lined up and frame and have the stars decorate them! After the party, be sure to send them a picture so they can put it in their frame!

Decorate or Create an Autograph Book
Although most stars are GIVING autographs to people, they may also like to get autographs too! A great art project is to have the stars create their own autograph books, then have all the other stars sign them!

This project can be either simple or more complex depending on the guests' age and time allowed for the activity. A simple version is to buy some plain notebooks at the local craft store or drugstore, and have the guests decorate the cover.

A more complex version would be to have kids make the book by hand. Cut sheets of plain white paper in half to be sized 8.5"x5.5". Fold the paper in 1/2 to become a booklet where the new size is 4.25" x 5.5".  Now, with a piece of white cardstock, do the same. This will be the cover of the book.

After the pages and the cover are cut, have kids staple the "spine" or the book together in the center fold. Now they can decorate as they see fit!

Make Some Glittery Jewelry (a.k.a. Bling!)
All stars want to have some bling! Either purchase some Jewelry Kits, or buy jewelry making supplies at your craft store and set up a table for the guests to make one-of-a-kind items... perfect for the red carpet!


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