Monday, October 25, 2010

Making a List... and Checking it Twice: List of Holiday Theme Parties

You know what's going to happen this Sunday night after trick or treating? The instant Halloween is over, Christmas will be everywhere... music in the grocery stores, ads on TV, the works! As much as you may want to ignore it... it will be here sooner than we think! So, no procrastinating this year. Here's a list of Holiday Theme Party Ideas.... I'm sure one of these ideas will be a perfect way to ring in the Holiday season with friends and family!

12 Days of Christmas Party - Partridge in a Pear Tree, Lords a Leaping, Maids a Milking, 5 Golden Rings and more... think of all the great imagery and decorations that could be used for this party! Also, it could be a lot of fun to have a scavenger hunt too!

Jingle Bells Party - Bells, bells and more bells will make this a festive party.

Oh Christmas Tree (O Tannembaum) Party - This could be a party specifically for decorating the tree, or a party just centered around the gorgeous holiday tree, either way, the tree gets to take center stage.

Deck the Halls - House Decorating or Tree Trimming Party - All will love to join in the festive spirit and deck the halls with merriment. You can have most of the decorations complete, and have folks help out with the final touches, or have guests make their own ornaments to bring home.

Caroling Party - When was the last time people came by your house to sing carols? Start the tradition this year, and your whole neighborhood will remember. After caroling, head back inside for warm treats and hot cocoa.

Frosty the Snowman Party - Decorate a snow man, watch the old holiday show, or make snow man as part of craft activity.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Party - Who wouldn't want to come to a party and play reindeer games?! All will love this party based on the nostalgic TV show!

Angelic "Rejoice" Party - "Angels we have heard on high" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" are just a few of the Christmas carols that come to mind that speak of angels. Deck your holiday house with silvers, light blues and etherial fabrics and accessories for this angelic affair!

Better Not Pout- Santa Claus is Coming to Town Party - The star of this party is definitely Santa and his arrival! A good old fashioned party with Santa Claus will bring smiles to all ages.

Naughty and Nice List Party - All will have fun sharing their nice list, and possibly their naughty list at a party filled with revelry and silliness.

Joy to the World/Peace on Earth Party - Peace symbols abound, this holiday party will celebrate peace on earth and good will towards men. It could even be a party where gifts are brought, then donated to a charity!

Presents, Packages & Bows Gift Exchange Party - Everyone loves getting a little gift... and a Holiday Gift Exchange is the perfect venue. Fill the space with packages and bows, and it will feel just like Christmas morning!

Hot Cocoa Bar and Dessert Party - Fill a bar of delicious morsels perfect for putting in a nice mug of hot cocoa, and layer your tiered plates full of delicious deserts. This will be a party that will warm up anyone!

Holiday Cocktail Party - Egg Nog, Spiced Rum and a Hot Toddy too... Get out the martini glasses and cocktail recipe book and have an 50's style Holiday Cocktail party with all the traditional standbys, and new concoctions too!

Let it Snow Snowflake Party - Decorate your space with snowflakes galore... falling from the ceiling, scattered on the table and floor with twinkle lights in abound... If you're lucky enough, it may even snow on the day of your party! This glittery, snowy party will put all in the mood for the Holiday season.

Nutcracker Party - Get out all your holiday Nutcrackers, put on the music from the ballet, and have yourself a Nutcracker party-- just like the party in the performance!

Messiah/Classical Holiday Music Party - Set an elegant buffet, play the beautiful classical music and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family!

Holiday Cookie and Dessert Party - Cake stands filled with delicious offerings, tiered platters with holiday morsels! This party will be perfect for all your sweet tooth friends and family.

Cookie Exchange Party - Who wouldn't want to come to a dessert or cookie exchange party. You bring a dozen cookies and leave with much more! A delicious holiday tradition.

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Party - Hand make the gingerbread, or buy them undecorated, set out the decorations and frosting and have friends and family join in the fun of decorating the cookies! The best part of this party is you get to leave with lots of new friends-- your gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread House Making Party - A holiday tradition for many, instead of just decorating a gingerbread house with your family, make it a party by inviting friends and family to come a decorate their gingerbread house too! After they are complete, set them up and take a picture of your Christmas village!

Holiday Baking Party - Get out the aprons and mixing bowls and invite friends over for a fun holiday baking party. Each person can bring their favorite recipe and ingredients and make them all together as a group. At the end, share the recipes and the tasty treats with everyone!

Old Fashioned Dickens' Christmas Party - A Victorian affair, filled with vintage charm is a great way to celebrate the season!

A North Pole Party with Santa, Mrs. Clause and the Elves - Transform your party space into the North Pole for a whimsical, festive affair all ages will have fun at!

Santa's Toy Workshop Party - Scatter vintage style toys around, and set up tinker workstations-- your holiday party setting is Santa's toy workshop, what a fun sight it will be!

Star of Bethlehem/Creche Party - This party is perfect for after the children's Christmas pageant at school or church. Set out your creche scene at the center of your serving table, play some traditional holiday music and enjoy the season with friends and family.

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland Making Party - Set out bowls of popcorn, cranberries and string and have guests make garland for your tree or for them to take home and put on theirs. You can offer different items to make other types of garland, like a bead garland or a candy garland.

Tartan Christmas Party - Tartan red and black is definitely the fabric for the Holidays. Have folks dress in their best Tartan and set you space up in reds and black. All will love the look and the fun!

Letter to Santa Party - Throw your holiday party early this year and have guests write their letters to Santa all together. Provide stationery, envelopes and stamps, as well as delicious treats and share your holiday wishes together!

Stockings by the Fire Party - Nothing says the holidays like a stockings hung carefully by a warm fire. Have guests bring their stocking, make a stocking or just come and get a treat from one of your stockings at your holiday party!

Mittens Party - Pin woolen mittens on strings throughout the space at this mitten party... when guests leave, have them take a pair home to keep warm!

Candy Cane or Ribbon Candy Party - Red and white and full of delight-- ribbon candy and candy canes are traditional symbols of the holiday season. Decorate your space filled with these candies, serve peppermint cocoa, and other treats and ring in the holiday season.

Sugarplum Candy Dessert Party - Jars and jars of candies should fill your space for this sugary sweet dessert party, no one will want to miss!

Twas the Night Before Christmas Party - Take cue for the old story for decorating and activity ideas! Wear a stocking or cap, hang sugarplums and candies, and definitely have Santa show up... a fun party for all to remember.

Sledding Party - If you live in snow country, gather friends and family at the local hill, set up some hot cocoa and treats and have a fun sledding party to celebrate the holiday season!

Christmas Ornament Making Party - Set up tables and have guests come and decorate ornaments to take home. Make sure to date the ornaments so you remember the party for years to come.

Elegant Damask Holiday Party - Get out the china and crystal, light the candles, and throw an elegant holiday party for your friends and family. We don't get dressed up nearly enough these days, so make sure folks know to wear their holiday best!

Holiday Craft or Card Making Party - Set out the craft tables, put out the art fixings and have friends come over for an afternoon or evening of crafting fun. You can create small gifts for friends and family or make cards. Have guests bring their favorite art supply to share.

Holidays Around the World Party: Celebration of Holiday Traditions Around the World - Spend some time researching holiday traditions around the world, and throw a party where you celebrate these great festivities. Not only will you educate your guests, but all will have fun in the process!

Tacky Christmas Outfit Party - Pull out that tacky holiday sweater and tie, and head over for some retro 1950's hors d'oeurves and laughs at this Tacky Christmas party. Make sure to bring the poloroid for some classic party shots!

Ornament Exchange Party - Wrap up a festive ornament and bring it to this party for an ornament exchange. All will have fun celebrating with friends and family, then leave with a treat for their tree at home.

Christmas Train/Polar Express Party - Set up the train under the tree, and invite all to a Polar Express, holiday train party. Old fashioned train tickets will be the perfect invite for this holiday affair.

Holiday Lights Party - Set out the strings of lights, and have friends and family decorate away. Or, if you live in an area that has a decorated street, after some time eating at home, head out on a walk with your party and enjoy the night and Christmas lights in your neighborhood.

Now, time to start planning... Happy Holidays!