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Hollywood Glamour Party: Decoration Ideas

Hollywood Glamour Party Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
It's a big Hollywood production, and your the set designer, script writer, producer, director and caterer! Can you do it? Of course you can! Below are some stunning, sparkling and truly old style Hollywood ideas for your Hollywood Glamour Party!

Hollywood Glamour Inspiration Board
Picture this--
It's 1942. You're in Hollywood, California and you've just landed our first starring role in a major motion picture! You put on your white driving gloves, a silk scarf to tie back your hair, your iconic Hollywood sunglasses, and your mink wrap and head to the studio lot to meet the director and your dreamy leading man.

Paparazzi and fans greet you for pictures and autographs as you are whisked to your private dressing room to freshen up. You open the door and are stunned-- you know you've made it big when you look around. Here is what you see-- the perfect decorations for your Hollywood Glamour Party!

Chandeliers, Spot Lighting and Mood Lighting
The look is all about lighting... no fine actress or actor looks good in harsh light... make sure your guests have the same treatment. If you have a chandelier hanging in your house, great, if not, try to pick one up at a thrift store or inexpensive place... it will add so much to the decoration. Check out this inexpensive chandelier from Ikea for example.

Next, turn off the overhead lights, and only have lamps and possibly a spot light or two shining in places. You could use an clamp spot lights (from a hardware store) to light up the space for less, just try to disguise them behind furniture so they are not scene.

Red Velvet and Faux Fur
A red carpet of some sort is a must for this party... If you can pick up some inexpensive fabric and run it up to your front door, that would be perfect. Some other ideas would be a red sheet (folded or cut to size) or a red tablecloth could work too! Also add some red velvet decorations and accents throughout the space. Pick up some velvet fabric and drape as a table runner or on the coffee table.

Faux Fur by the Fireplace

Faux fur is also key to the look. There are many faux fur throw blankets on the market that once draped over a chair or couch will look luxurious. A faux fur rug by the fireplace will look great too!

Crystal and Mirrors
Crystal vases, candle holders, glasses, or just sparkling clear glass items will be great on the buffet table, or bar. If this Hollywood party has young ones, perhaps keep the crystal out of reach, or substitute for clear plastic items, and plastic champagne glasses, etc.

A large mirror hanging on the wall is very elegant. Also, add mirrors on the buffet table. You can take a framed mirror that might hang on the wall, but use it as a serving tray. Make sure it is clean and sparkling when you put the food on it. It will also look great if you put the empty glasses on the mirror... lots of great reflection!

Hollywood Starlet and Movie Star Pictures in Frames
Make sure the space looks like a Hollywood star lives there too! Add some old vintage photographs of Hollywood stars in picture frames throughout the space. Head to Target or Homegoods to find some mirrored, or elegant frames to put them in. A touch of gold and silver will look great. Head to the internet to find vintage Hollywood photos.

Clark Gable and Constance Bennett in After Office Hours (1935)

A Sparkling Bar
This party, regardless of guests age, definitely needs a fancy bar set up. Pull out the silver ice bucket and matching tongs, set out the martini glasses, champagne glasses, mixer and more. Here are some recipes for some popular cocktails from the 1930's and 1940's. For underage guests, this can still be a hit with plenty of non alcoholic "fancy" drinks. Don't forget the swizzle sticks too! Make sure to set out a menu card (in a fancy frame, preferably) with the drink options!

Luxurious Seating
A chaise would be ideal, but if that's not available, just make sure there's plenty of comfortable seating for mingling and hanging out!

Gold, Black and Silver Accents
Other accents can be scattered around the space, but try to remain pretty clean and sparse with items. A cluttered space is not glamorous Hollywood!

Movie Set Accessories
Again, only a few of these will do the trick. Not too much clutter... but perhaps when the director was visiting your dressing room, he left his megaphone, or clapboard. Possibly there's a film reel or two stacked in the corner... or perhaps even a movie script!

See you in the pictures!

Note: For more ideas, just do a search on the internet for Regency Style or Hollywood Regency Style. This decoration style is definitely what this party is all about!


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