Friday, October 1, 2010

Sports Party Game Ideas

Sometimes a boy can't just pick one sport for his party-- he wants ALL sports! Here are some game ideas for your sports party to keep those kids running, busy, and having fun. (Note: many of these games can be tailored to just one sport too-- if, say you are having just a baseball party or football party)

Sports Charades
Here's a great warm up game to get kids excited and ready to go! Write a list of sports on a piece of paper, cut them out into strips, fold them and put them in a baseball hat. Let the kids pick one and act it out. Include some easy sports, but also hard ones to make it more challenging. Here's a list to get you going:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Ice Skating
  • Fencing
  • Polo
  • Badmitton
  • Ping Pong/Table Tennis
  • Speed Skating
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Curling
  • Shot Put
  • Long Jump

Kids Sports Trivia Game
A trivia game can be made hard or easy depending on the kids and their sports prowess. For younger ones, you can stay clear of professional sports names and stats, and focus more on how a sport is played or sports terminology. At the end, if you'd like, hand out ribbons or a toy trophy for a prize. You could also have kids work in teams too. There are plenty of sports statistic and trivia sites on the web to gather questions. There are also sites made just for kids sports trivia. Here are some sample questions for an "easier" trivia game.

  1. When someone scores it is called a touchdown. What sport is this?
  2. "Love, Deuce, Match..." what sport do these words come from?
  3. What sport uses a puck?
  4. What sport uses a birdie?
  5. Does a quarterback play baseball or football?

ProSports Championship Games
Many sports have some type of special tournament during their season, for instance the NBA Slam Dunk Showdown, or the MLB Home Run Derby. Why not have a sampling of these types of contests at your party? Here is a list of ideas:

  • A Dunk Contest - fanciest or most elaborate acting wins!
  • Home Run Hitter Contest - perhaps you don't have a baseball diamond handy-- switch out the ball to be a wiffle ball, so it can't go as far, and make different markers on your lawn to indicate distance... Kids will love this just the same as going to a real baseball diamond.
  • Football Field Goal Kicks - For younger kids, set up a mini-sized goal so it is possible for them to make the field goal. Also, kicking a smaller Nerf football can be a lot easier than a regulation ball.
  • Hole in One Contest - A cup and a putter is all you need to simulate this golf contest.
  • Penalty Kick Contest - Set up two cones and act as goalie. Now let each child try to shoot a soccer goal on you!