Friday, October 29, 2010

...weekly roundup...

I just love this picture above! That's me in the tiger costume. How I LOVED that tiger costume! I think I was a tiger for 3 years in a row. I thought is was so exciting to get the face makeup too-- the 3 lines for whiskers. The thing I like the best out of this picture are my best friends. I am still close with almost all of them to this day! How great is that?

Well, Halloween is upon us! I'm sure your weekend is action packed like mine. Although my house decorations fell a little short this Halloween (I'll make up for it at the holidays, I swear), I'm still ready to go for the big spooky night. If you have a spare moment, between costumes and candy, check out these weekly round up links...

  • This week I went Hollywood on my blog. I know, seems like a strange time of year to be featuring a Hollywood party, but I had a secret motivation... my daughters Halloween costume this year-- a Glamorous Movie Star and her upcoming birthday! I think we'll be getting glamorous pretty soon around here. I hope you enjoy the features and free printable "Hollywood Star" tags.
  • Here's a great decoration idea for any type of year... a Ribbon Canopy. Just change the ribbon color for your theme. How festive!
  • Now that Halloween is almost past, it's HOLIDAY PARTY time!! Check out my List of Holiday Theme Parties post for a whole bunch of ideas for your gathering this year!

Have fun trick or treating!