Monday, October 11, 2010

An Old Fashioned Halloween Party - Decoration Ideas and more...

Spooky Vintage Style Halloween Party Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
Bring back the Halloween party from yesteryear-- an old fashioned Halloween party with fun games, and art project that you may have done when you were a child. You remember... bobbing for apples, carving a pumpkin, wearing that hot halloween mask! Here are some decorating ideas to throw an Old Fashioned Halloween Party.

Inspiration Board for an Old Fashioned Halloween Party
Old Fashioned Halloween Party Inspiration Board
Spooky Banner
SpookyVintage Style Halloween Banner by B.Nute productions on Etsy

Hang on your mantle, at a doorway, or by a window and greet the halloween season with spooky vintage charm. Black glitter adorns each pendant, giving it an eery sparkle on a chilly fall evening. The word “spooky” glitters over the vintage imagery of halloween children. 

A Ben Cooper Vintage Halloween Costume

Old Vintage Costumes and Masks
Scour the internet for some vintage Halloween costumes and you'll be amazed the flood of memories from your childhood that may come back when you see what's out there! Vintage masks and costumes can be hung up around the party space for great accents. Hang on a clothes line, scatter and prop masks on a buffet table... be creative. If the costumes aren't too precious, perhaps have a dress up area for guests to have fun!

A little Halloween Costume History: If you grew up in the 60's or 70's you may have had the privilege of wearing a Ben Cooper costume for Halloween. Ben Cooper was one of the biggest brands of mass-produced costumes between the 1950's- 1970's. Head down a little memory lane and check out these links:

Halloween Festooning from Blumchen

Old Fashioned Halloween Garland
One of my favorite shops for old fashioned garlands, crepe paper decorations and vintage holiday decorations is D. Blumchen & Company. If you have not perused their website yet, you are in for a treat! Make sure to check out their Halloween section and all their great vintage decoration items and ideas!

Beistle Halloween Cutouts

Old Fashioned Halloween Paper Cutout Decorations
Even with the stiff competition of animatronic Halloween mummies and vampires as well as folks parking full size hearses on their lawns for Halloween, vintage-style Paper cutout Halloween decorations are making a comeback! One company, who's in been in the business for a long while, Beistle Company have even re-released some of their all time classics. Take a look at some of their cutouts and see if any remind you of when you were growing up! Here are also some more links to vintage Halloween paper decorations: