Saturday, September 1, 2007

First Week of School

I’m sure we all have similar types of memories... getting new school supplies, getting a couple new outfits, and we were off to school for the year! Well, here I am, and it’s my chance to carry on some of the great traditions my mom did for me when summer was winding down and school was starting up.

My daughter started her first day of Kindergarten this week. Some parents cried as they waved good bye to their little ones, some had a smirk on their face (my guess, all there kids were finally in school!) I was neither crying or smirking... just plain happy. Happy to see my daughter off on a new adventure that will hopefully challenge her and be fun for the next 17+ years of her life!

I, of course, took the pre-requisite “first day of school-outside-the-house” pic of her, in her new outfit. We just happened to be experiencing a heat wave this week, so it feels a lot like summer still, not school. Sweating in line with her backback and new outfit, off she went. I’m so proud.