Friday, February 28, 2014

Free March 2014 Wallpaper: Umbrellas Galore

Free March 2014 Desktop and iPad Wallpaper from B.Nute productions
I can't believe tomorrow is March! Where did Winter go? Well, I guess if I really think about it, here in California we haven't really had winter. While the rest of the nation has been sucked into a polar vortex with mounds and mounds of snow, we've been basking in Spring-like weather all along. We've had a few rainstorms as of late. One last night, in fact. All night I could hear the pitter pat of rain on our roof. I slept like a baby!

So here's to March- a month of much needed rain, and colorful umbrellas. And, for those in the polar vortex, let's hope it lightens up and you can get on to Spring too!

Free March 2014 Desktop and iPad Wallpaper
Free March 2014 Wallpaper - Umbrellas Galore by B.Nute productions

To set as your desktop image
Click on the 1900x1200 link above. When the image in view, on a PC, right click and select “Use Picture as Desktop Image”; For a Mac, Control-click and select “Use Image as Desktop Picture”. 

To set at your ipad wallpaper
Click on the 1980x1600 link above. When the image in in view, click and hold. Select "Save Image" from the popup menu. Once saved, select your "Settings -->Brightness & Wallpaper" and change your wall paper to the newly saved image in your photos.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Free Printable Movie/Oscar Party Game: Who Am I?

Free Printable Movie/Awards Party Games: Who Am I?
Here's a great game idea to get guests mingling at your Oscar Party or Movie Party - play "Who Am I?" I've created some free printables below for you to use. This game is a great way to start a party and get people to know each other - here's how to play.

Below are 3 movie themed "Who Am I" printable sheets- one for film production rolls, another for actors and actresses, and a third for directors. The premise of the game is simple, each guest will get a

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Printable Oscar Party Game: Acceptance Speech Fill-in-the-Blank

Free Printable Movie Awards Acceptance Speech Game by B.Nute productions
It's Oscar awards time again and you know what that means... listening to unbearably long acceptance speeches where inevitably the orchestra music starts to play and the deserving actor, actress or film contributor is kicked off the stage! Well, here's a great free printable game to fill that time and get your crowd laughing. Enough with the emotions, have each guest at your Oscar Party or Movie Party use these fill-in-the-blank/Mad Lib style acceptance speeches to create their own speech. Here's how to play.

Before the show begins (or at the beginning of your party) sit each person down and ask them the word (or words) as noted on the printable sheet. Do not let them read the speech, just ask them for the word,

Friday, February 21, 2014

A So-So Staycation is Just Fine by Me

Scenes from a So-So Staycation by B.Nute productions
There were no tropical breezes. There was no swooshing down ski runs. There were no plane rides to exotic spots or road trips through adventurous lands. This President's week off was just a plain old staycation at home and that was just fine by us.

I had hopes of fabulous creative projects with the kids and local outings to places we haven't explored. Those didn't happen. Instead, it was staying in PJ's until noon. It was trips (yes, multiple) to the library, and extra pets for the dog. There were board games played and Girl Scout cookies sold. There was lunch at Dad's work and trying new recipes for dinner at night. And, or course, there were the Olympics with lots of late nights wading through commercials to watch the competition. Fortunately, since there was no early morning school bell, watching late night TV was perfect.

So, would I rather have been lounging on a beach in Mexico? Possibly. Would I have preferred to explore the jungles of Costa Rica or the neighborhoods of Lisbon? Well, sure, but a little r and r at home with no particular agenda was just the right pace for this week. When the kids head back to school on Monday and I hear others tell their tales of adventure and fun, I may be a little jealous, but that's OK. My so-so staycation was just fine with me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Inspired by Swiss Fondue

Inspired by Swiss Fondue: Fondue Party Invitation by B.Nute productions
I just love a good fondue party! At least a couple times during the winter I like to pull out the pots, gather the extended family and enjoy some delicious melted cheese. Back before kids, I used to host a huge crowd for fondue. I would set up multiple tables of 6 and have a pot steaming at each place.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Printable Hearts and Arrows Digital Scrapbook Papers

Free Printable Hearts and Arrows Digital Scrapbook Papers from B.Nute productions
Well, we're down to the wire now with only a few days left until Valentine's Day! Be sure to print up some of these free printable Hearts & Arrows papers to use when crafting. These are perfect to use to make note cards, hand made envelopes, or even use as wrapping paper for a chocolate bar or a few candies. You can also use them to embellish your Valentine Party by making

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Printable Hand Drawn Love & Friendship Tags

Free Printable Love & Friendship Tags from B.Nute productions
I was recently charged with making favors for a gathering I was attending. It was for a coffee of a volunteer group I belong to. Many of the women in the group have been volunteers for a long time, and are quite close. When I happened upon this quote about friendship from A.A. Milne (or more affectionately Winnie the Pooh), I couldn't resist.

"Any day spent with you is my favorite day!" -Winnie the Pooh

It really does sum up having a wonderful friend. Spending anytime with her just puts a smile on