Saturday, October 18, 2008

World Explorer Party - All Indy Fans Welcome!

Attention all Indiana Jones fans... Attention travelers of the world... here's a party kit for you!

This past weekend, I helped throw a World Explorer party for my 12 year old nephew. It was a blast. He is a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. He can practically recite the movies, so of course I jumped at the chance to make a party kit in the Indy theme.

Part of the fun of making a party kit is the research... and to be honest, I'm sure I don't need to do nearly as much research as I do, but it's so fun. I found some great books on Adventurers thoughout history.... One book was awesome! It was full of short chapters about treasures of the world, including all of the treasures in the Indiana Jones movie series (the arc, the crystal skull, etc.) As part of the party, I came up with an (what seemed) like an elaborate Indiana Jones type treasure hunt. I have to admit, coming up with a treasure hunt for kids from 4 to 16 was not easy... but it turned out great, especially since many of the adults agreed to dress up and lead the kids through the clues. Below are some shots from the adventure...

Indy necessities, snakes, a whip and a hat!

Come sit in the garden of eden to hear a clue...

Another clue in market of Morocco (the tree house...)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Renn Faire

We headed off to the Rennisance Faire this weekend for a great day trip of revelry. This was the first Renn Faire for our kids, but my husband have been a couple times now.

By no means are we Renn Faire regulars... we've only been a couple times, but every time I love it. It's the whole dressing-up-thing and pretending-you-live-in-a-different-time... and yes, the people watching. There are all types out there, and it's just fun to watch!

This year I also came with a slightly different eye. Having completed a Royale Faire Princess and Knight Party Kit, I couldn't wait to see other ideas to complete the whole Royale Faire party experience. Of course, there are plenty of elaborate ideas one can glean, but I did see several simple ideas. that would be easy to produce at a princess and knight party. Here are some shots from the day...Ribbon Garland - How simple and festive is this! Just tie a bunch of ribbons
along a twine and hang!

"The Queen, the queen..." a royale parade causes quite a stir in the crowd.

Plenty of Tarot readings at the Faire... wouldn't that be fun at a Royale Faire bday party?