Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sports Party Name Game - Free Printable Game for Your Party

Ready for Some Sports Action
"And heeere comes Slugger Sloan up to bat..."
"Wild Guy Walker is heading down the field for the touchdown!!"
"There goes Silver Bullet Ben heading for the hoop... always a perfect shot!"

Everyone wants to know what their name will sound like when they are announced as the head into the stadium for their grand debut! Now, you can have your own personalized Sports Name with these printable Sports Name Charts, made especially for your sports party! I've created one for boys and one for girls too.
Boy All Star Sports Name Chart - Select to Print for your Sports Party
Girl All Star Sports Name Chart - Select to Print for your Sports Party

This game is a hit with kids. They love to know their crazy name. To go along with this name game, you can also provide t-shirts or jerseys for them to decorate.

So, what's your name?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Style Halloween Masks Party

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Party Decorations
I just received the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog, and oh man-- their Halloween party decor fits perfectly with one of my Halloween invitations - the Vintage Style Halloween Masks invite below.

Vintage Style Halloween Masks Party Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
I love these Mini Treat Bucket ornaments too!

Pottery Barn Kids Mini Treat Bucket Ornaments
They are very cute as candy holders, but could also have a little plant in them too as a table centerpiece.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Style Sports Ticket Party - Decoration Ideas

Vintage Style Pro Sports Ticket Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
"Tickets... tickets... git 'yer tickets here for the best sports party around!!" Above is a sample of my latest addition to my invitation collection, a vintage style sports ticket themed party.

I just loved rummaging through images of old tickets from games long ago to see all the intricacies and details in the ticket. Although "digital" tickets are so convenient, there's nothing like an old fashioned ticket to get excited for the game-- 'er I mean party!

Here's my inspiration board for this fun affair...
Here's some decorating ideas that would be perfect for this party:
  • Vintage Tickets scattered around the party table, or if you're crafty, make a banner out of them. You can search online for images and ideas.
  • Old Sports Memorabilia - How about an old brochure, or magazine? This will add to the space.
  • Trophies - Vintage trophy displays are very in right now! Perhaps you don't have these stashed away, but how about trophies from when you were a child... or trophies from your kids' teams? They'll look perfect!
  • Leather - What about some "pleather" as a table cloth, or use the leather rope string to tie up your goodie bags... reminiscent of an old football, these will look great!
  • Old Sports Equipment - Get out that old wooden tennis racket, those rusty hockey skates, and old glove from when you were a kid. More great accents for this party!
Go team and have a great party!

Friday, September 24, 2010

...weekly roundup...

Gnome Costume from Family Fun Website
Friday is upon us again! We have a big weekend ahead, a belated birthday (pictures to come, I promise...) and big family news... the four legged kind. We are evaluating a rescue dog this weekend, and will share all about it when we know more! In the meantime, here are some little tidbits for your perusal.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holiday Card Preview: Doodley-doo!

The Doodle Tree Holiday Card by B.Nute productions

Another quick preview of a 2010 holiday card I've created -
The Doodle Tree Holiday Card!

I loved creating it, and see many more
doodle inspired party invitations in the future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Royal Princess and Knight Party Ideas

A Royal Princess and Knight Party invitations by B.Nute productions on Etsy
Although this is one of my first invitations I created, I still love it a lot! In the sea of princess and knight invitations, I feel this one really stands out. Also, in the spirit of the Renaissance Faire being back in town in Northern California, I thought I'd share some decoration and menu ideas to go along with this great Princess and Knight theme. Be sure to check out my website, for my full Princess and Knight Party Guide including Art Activites, Games, Entertainment ideas and more...


It’s England in the 1500’s... the beautiful princess awaits her gallant knight to arrive upon his stead for his jousting match... any Medieval or Renaissance imagery and items are perfect for your Royal Faire! Below are some more decorating ideas for your Princess and Knight party.

Create a Castle
Designate an area of your yard (perhaps a jungle gym, playhouse or patio area) as the Castle. Surround the area with colorful construction paper flags. If the party is indoor, designate a room as the Castle. Line windows with colorful cellophane to act as stained glass.Designate 2 dining room chairs as a throne area. Place decorative pillows and a throw blanket over the chairs to add royalty.

Jousting Arena
Set up your camping tent (or kid’s tent, if they have one) as the Jousting tent. Decorate the outside with colorful flags and streamers. String the flags from the tent to a nearby tree, trellis or tall garden stake. Buy tall garden stakes and tape long pieces of different colored crepe paper to the top. You can add a construction paper flag to the top as well.

Princess and Knight Personalized Banner by B.Nute productions on Etsy

Princess and Knight Personalized Banner
Here ye, here ye, all fine maidens, this regal banner is a perfect addition to your magical kingdom! This personalized banner is hand designed with vintage style imagery and old world, Renaissance charm - perfect for any royal princess. If your princess is having a royal birthday, this banner is perfect to add to the ambience of the party. After the festivities, it can hang in her room for years to come! This matching banner can be purchased on

When picturing a Royal feast, one sees King Henry the 8th at the head of a long table covered in platters of food– roast chickens, pigs, pheasants, bowls of fruits, bowls of vegetables, rolls, etc... nothing elegant, just simple fare, but plenty of it! Below are some ideas for your Royale feast.
• Pretzels and Bagel Chips
• Platter of Cheese Slices, Crackers and Grapes
• Gingerbread crackers
Main Course - Lunch or Dinner
• Drumsticks and Chicken Pieces (could be fried chicken, or
grilled on the BBQ, whatever suits your style)
• Potato Salad
• Rolls
• Vegetable Platter
• Fruit Platter
• Lemonade
• Cider

I hope you are feeling regal and ready to go now! Again, for a full list of party ideas in this Princess and Knight theme, be sure to check out my website...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Holiday Card Preview- Fashionable Threads

Here's just a little taste of some of the holiday cards I am creating. These three featured today I'm calling my "fashionable threads" look... great texture, and lots of warmth, perfect for the holidays!

A Houndstooth Holiday - A Sample from one of B.Nute productions'
Holiday 2010 Holiday Cards

A Tartan Christmas - A Sample from One of B.Nute productions'
Holiday 2010 Cards
A Ponderosa Plaid Holiday- A Sample from One of B.Nute productions'
Holiday 2010 Cards

I'll be posting more Holiday Card previews later this week! Stay tuned...

Friday, September 17, 2010

...weekly roundup...

10 Years Since Camp Nutenbeier-- My Summer Camp Wedding

It's been a busy week here at B.Nute productions. Lots of work, and new items posted. Below is a round up of the latest and greatest:

  • I've been a busy bee trying to update my website full of great party ideas, holiday party ideasparty resources, and of course very cool designs! Check it out.
  • I've been wanting to create a series of Paper Doll Party Invitations... and finally have had the opportunity. This week I posted a Halloween Paper Doll Costume Party invitation. I love how it turned out. Keep posted for the next ones to come... a Wedding Shower Paper Doll Party, Baby Shower Paper Doll Party, Princess Paper Doll Party, etc.!
  • My son's {very belated} birthday party is coming up... a Pro Sports Championship party... new invite too. I'll post it soon!
  • Preppy is back, and I'm ready... Check out my new Preppy Paisley party invites- perfect for a wedding shower, baby shower, birthday or any occassion!

I'm looking forward to the weekend... my husband and I are going to get a chance to celebrate 10 wonderful years! Can't wait for many, many more...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gothic Style Halloween Party: Art Activities and Game Ideas

Gothic Style Halloween Party Art Activities
Depending on the timing or day of your party, an area set up with some art projects may be a perfect activity for your Haunted Halloween party.

Witches Book of Spells

Create a Spell Book
There's nothing more ghoulish than a bunch of evil spells to turn your guests into toads, snails or gargoyles! You could make this easy by writing a few spells an having kids decorate the page, or write up several lines that folks can use to mix and match to create their own wicked spell. Here are some examples of some spells, serious and silly:

Example Downloadable Halloween Coloring Page

Haunted Coloring Pages
Here's a links to many, many Halloween coloring pages online. Some are a "cute" and some are "scary." Pick the ones that fit your party best!

Design Your Own Gravestone
A morbid project, perfect for your gothic Halloween affair! Cut out gravestone shapes from card stock and have all guests decorate their own tombstone with an epitaph. When done, hang them all on a wall, and create your parties' own graveyard! You could turn this into a game, by having guests create their own tombstone, but leave off their name. Again, hang these on a wall, and have guests guess who's tomb is whos!

1950's Articulated Paper Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Pin the Bone on the Skeleton
Buy a pre-made "jointed" skeleton (or create your own paper skeleton) and disassemble so you have all the bones in separate pieces. Start by placing the skull on the wall, and then blindfold guests, hand them a bone/body part and let them guess where to put it. You could give them a hint by telling them which bone they have (i.e., "You have a foot bone.") or just let them guess by the shape and size of the item in their hand! In the end, you will have one mixed up bag of bones!

Gothic Style Halloween Game Ideas
Here are some frightfully fun game ideas for your Halloween party.

"There was an abandoned church at the end of the street
that no one went near for years...
until one fateful Halloween evening..."

Tell Ghost Stories
When was the last time you were told some ghost stories? This can be a great idea for your haunted party. Make sure to set the mood. Turn off the lights and only have a few candles flickering to read by. All gather around in a circle, by a fireplace preferably, and begin reading. Make sure to have lots of pillows and blankets available so folks can be comfortable, and have a place to hide when they are afraid! Here are some links to some ghost stories and tales online:

Build a Haunted Tale
An alternative to just reading a ghost story is to make the story a group effort. Have everyone sit around in a circle, and begin with one person who starts the story. He/She should only make up a few sentences, or until there's enough suspense to move on to the next person. As the story moves around the circle it should build and build, and hopefully be very different than what the first person thought it would be! To start the game, you can begin by providing a title, or have the group create a title once it's complete!

Flashlight Tag
Flashlight tag could be played in a dark house, a dark yard, or better yet, a graveyard! The rules are pretty simple; the person who is it has a flashlight. If you are "tagged" by the light, then you are out. The last person tagged becomes "it."

In general, flashlights can be a game unto itself if there are little kids around. Make sure to have plenty on hand for an evening of fun!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Gothic Style Halloween Party: Decoration Ideas

Close Up from B.Nute productions Halloween Haunt Gothic Invitation on Etsy

Although Halloween seems to be a far way off, stores are brimming with great Halloween decorations! It's also never to early to be thinking about your Halloween party! This week I'm going to be featuring ideas for a frightful Halloween Haunt Gothic Style Party... I hope you enjoy!

Inspiration Board

Pre-Made Gothic Style Halloween Decorations
If you are willing to spend some money and have space to store the items, there are amazing gothic-style decorations that can be bought online. Check out this link to many inspirational decoration ideas: Gothic Halloween Decorations.

Framed Cemetery and Graveyard Pictures
Head to your local graveyard and start snapping some pictures. Try close ups, funny angles and distorted perspectives. When home, in you favorite photo program, convert the to black and white and print away. Purchase used frames, or "distressed" ornate frames and hang or place in groups around the party area. Remove all pictures of "live" people, and make sure to only feature the dead ones!

Martha Has Many Great Inspirational Pictures

A Spooky Mantle: Candles, Dried Roses, A Gargoyle Statue, Old Potions and More...
Imagine being in an old Victorian house that has been boarded up for years. Picture what the mantle may have looked like in the parlor, if no one had touched it in over 100 years... Candles 1/2 gone, roses dried, artwork discolored, dusty old bottles and spider webs galore. This is the perfect scene for your mantle at this party!

There's nothing better than cheesecloth to add spook to your space. Best yet, it's pretty inexpensive! I've purchased yards and yards of it and hung it up as tattered curtains in my windows and doorways.

All you need to do is tear and stretch (once hung) to give the tattered look. For also some aging, you water down some brown acrylic paint in a spray bottle. Then (before hanging) spray the cheesecloth to give it the perfect aged look.

(Also, be sure to check out this great Cheesecloth ghost decoration from Country Living.)

Photo from Country Living Website

Old White Sheets - the Abandoned House Look
There's a neighborhood near us that goes all out for Halloween! It helps that the houses are also the perfect style for Halloween, but the decorations these folks pull out are just amazing. One house in particular creates a look of an old abandoned haunted house. They drape all their furniture with old white sheets to make it look like no one has lived there for years. Although, as trick or treaters we never go in the house, as you head up to the door, you can look into their big picture windows and see the spooky set up! It's just perfect!

Friday, September 10, 2010

...weekly roundup...

We're steaming ahead to the weekend! Here are a few items I read about this week that I wanted to share:

Have a good one!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football, Tailgate or Big Game Party: Art Activity and Game Ideas

Football Saturday (and Sunday) is just around the corner... here are more Football party ideas-- some great arts and craft activities and game ideas for your affair!

Arts and Crafts Ideas for your Football Party

These art activity ideas are great for a big game party at home, or if little ones will be at your tailgate party, consider bringing a small folding table and setting out these activities for some pre-game fun.

Make Your Own Pennant
You can cut pennant shapes from poster board
or buy pre-cut pennants online. Set these out
with crayons or markers and make some colorful
pennants to root for your team! Below are some
online options for buying pre-cut pennants:

Make “Green” Cheerleading Pom Pons
Girls will love this activity and be even more excited when they are done... they can cheer on their team in style. Best of all, this is a great craft using recycled materials.
  • Empty your plastic bag bin, and if need be, ask friends and neighbors for their extra plastic bags.
  • Sort the bags into colors if you’d like, then cut into 1” wide strips.
  • Lay the plastic bag strips, several 15” pieces of cut string, and colorful electric tape on a table for kids to assemble their own pom pons.
  • To make the pom pons, have kids gather a bunch of plastic bag strips together
  • Tie the bunch together in the the center.
  • Now, fold the bunch in half and bound the folded edge with colorful electric tape.
  • Make sure to leave the extra string hanging loose.
  • Tie the extra string in a loop, so kids can wrap around hands to be held.
Now let, the cheering begin!

Face Paint in the Team Colors
Hire a professional face painter, or perhaps just your local teenage
babysitter for some face painting fun. Print out some college
helpful guides.
Football Coloring Pages
Check out your team’s website and search for “coloring pages”
to see if you can find any art pages for kids to embellish.
Here are some examples:
Game Ideas for your Football Party
Of course, watching the game is the main attraction of this party, but perhaps you have a large crowd coming or want some half time entertainment ideas... here are some game ideas for your next Football Party:
A “Friendly” Game of Flag/Touch Football
This scene has been played out in many movies and TV shows! Do you remember the scene in the Big Chill when the old friends head out at half time to play ball? How about the hilarious Friends Thanksgiving episode where they play a “friendly” game while the turkey cooks!
Now it’s time for you to have some “friendly” competition at your party with a little scrimmage. Pick up some flag football supplies and find a humorous trophy for the winning team. All will remember the fun!
Football Trivia Game
Print up some of your favorite football trivia questions and quiz your friends of their knowledge during half time. Offer a prize to the winner like tickets to another game, a football jersey, or even just a gift card to the local coffee shop. Here are search results for football trivia questions:

Cheerleaders Unite
Are some of your party goers not interested in the scrimmage, but would rather cheer from the sidelines? Put those “Green” pom pons (from the Art Activity section above) to use and make up some cheerleader routines! The funnier and sillier, the better! Here are some websites with some basic cheers:

Sing the Cheer Song
Show your team spirit and gather the crowd to sing the cheer song loud and clear! Make sure to look up the words on the college/teams website, so you get it right! Here are some sample College Team Fight Songs (note, some teams have recently moved divisions, so you may need to click the old division to find your team):

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Game, Tailgate, or Football Party Decoration and Menu Ideas

Football, Tailgate or Big Game Party Invitation by B.Nute on Etsy

There's no better way to spend a Saturday (or Sunday) in the fall then watching a good football game! Growing up in a college town, I was lucky to get to go to many Saturday games, sit in the stands and root for the team. Or course, a pre-game tailgate party always added to the fun.

There was also a big rivalry in our family. My dad went to Stanford, and my mom went to Cal-- so we had many Big Game parties throughout the years.

Whether you like to go to the game or watch from home, here are some inspiring decoration ideas and menu ideas for your football themed party.

Decorating Ideas for Your Football Themed Party

Inspiration Board

Vintage College or Team Pennants
Perhaps you already own a pennant or 2 from your favorite team. If not, check out these online resources-- they add such charm to a space!
Vintage College Pennants
NFL Pennants

Pendleton or Similar Wool Blanket
If it's a warm day, perhaps the blanket could be used not for warmth but for decoration. Drape over the back tailgate or coming out of a picnic basket as a table decoration. It could also be used as a table cloth too! A nice plaid with fall colors is perfect for this theme.

Old Football and/or College Memorabilia
Pullout the old college photos, old ticket stubs, old yearbooks and more and decorate the serving table or area around the party with your memorabilia. You could set out a basket with the items inside for folks to peruse at a tailgate party. Football trading cards can also make a great decoration, scattered about the table.
Vintage 1950s The Skotch Picnic Basket Tin by HoneySuckle Boutique on Etsy

Retro Tailgate Picnic Ware and Thermos
A vintage thermos filled with hot cocoa, and old-time picnic ware will not only be utilized, but will also look good too! Check out these vintage picnic ware items on Etsy to get inspired.

Menu Ideas for Your Football Themed Party
Whether your hosting the party out of the back of your car or at your home, here are some menu ideas for game day!

Sub Sandwiches
I love the look of sub sandwiches individually wrapped in decorative paper and stacked up ready to grab and eat! These can be handmade and gourmet, or store bought, whatever is easiest for you! Here are a few tasty sub sandwich recipes I found:

Brats and Grilled Fare
Perhaps it's a small portable grill by the tailgate or a large BBQ in your yard -- make sure to throw on some bratwurst, knockwurst, sausages and dogs to be enjoyed by all!

Chili is great for game day! It's easy to make ahead, and serve in a slow cooker. A hearty chili will satisfy any crowd

Chips & Dip
Potato chips and onion dip; sweet potato crisps and red pepper dip-- traditional or gourmet style, chips and dip are perfect for game day.

Beer and Root Beer
Cold beer is perfect for watching the game. Serve a selection of small local brews or brews from the town/area of the 2 teams that are playing. Specialty sodas and juices are a great option for kids.

Enjoy, and Go Team!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Party Hats Perfect for Labor Day from Country Living
It's the last summer hurrah! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

We just returned from an overnight safari (more on that soon!), and now off to enjoy a great day of swimming and bbq fun to wish the summer adieu!

Have a great day!