Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bright Bold Summer Time!

Don't adjust your monitor! These colors may vibrate... but aren't they great??!!
While killing some time at the mall the other month, I stopped into Crate and Barrel. They had these colors splattered throughout the store. Oooo, I just love them, I had to take pictures for inspiration!

Lime green is one of my favorites, especially with orange.
Wouldn't these bowls brighten up any mixing job!

Then add magenta with the orange and green, and WOW...
it's fiesta time... summer time, just time to be outside enjoying life.

So, don't be surprised if you see more bnute production stuff come out with this palette. I just can't seem to get enough of orange, magenta, lime green and a hint of turquoise!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Teacher Gift: A Bag of Energy!

This past week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughter's school. Yes, our school was a little late in celebrating this week, due to all sorts of other activities (which I'll mention in future posts!), but still, it's a week that shouldn't be overlooked.

We all get so busy with our lives, and I am no exception here! Last year, I barely managed a thank you note it seemed.... But, this year, I realized, perhaps this is one of the weeks that I should slow down and make an effort to thank the person who's with my kid for many hours a day!!

I never seem to find the right gift at the right time-- but something must of clicked, because when I saw this gift, I had to get it for my daughter's teacher. It is the cutest lunch bag and matching coffee cup... which I know my daugther's teacher would use...

Since I was surprising her with the gift, I didn't want to fill it with a lunch, because I was sure she had already packed one for the day... so instead I filled it with all sorts of "energy" type snacks that might help her through one of those long days at school! So I wrapped up some protein bars, and dried fruit, a coffee and of course a little chocolate.

The present was VERY well received... ironically, she even mentioned her lunch bag was so old that she needed a new one. The timing couldn't of been better. With the end of school coming as well, there are still many more teacher gift ideas I'll be sharing... Let me know if you have any great ideas as well! I'd love to post them here...

btw-- this cute bag and coffee mug are made by Lady Jayne LTD.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready, Set, Time to Plant!

We just planted our veggie garden a week ago. I'm so excited! Even though it is just a tiny garden, it's so fun for me to watch if grow all summer long!

I always plant sweet basil. By August and September, these small plants are large bushes... perfect for making big batches of pesto to save in the freezer all winter long!

Of course I plant a tomato or two. 2 years ago, our tomatoes took over the plot by fall time, and last year, they didn't grow at all... so we'll see what this year holds! Another must for our plot is corn and sunflowers. This is more for the kids, than really to eat (although, we will get a handful of ears of corn by August.) I just think it's so amazing to watch a plant grow 6" in a week!

Speaking of kids, below are some GREAT gardening books for kids. They were very inspiring to me when we were re-landscaping our yard... really creative ideas for getting kids involved in the process.

Here's one of the ideas from the book! So cute in the bright yellow pot.

I hope you have time to have a little garden yourself. Do you have any plants that are a must to grow each year? Do tell!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Wish List

Dear Kids and Hubbie,

No need for anything elaborate this Mother's Day. No fancy brunch, or bouquet of flowers... what I want is pretty simple. Here it goes...

1. Minimal to no cleaning all day... I'll pick up after myself of course, but let's just let the laundry go on that day! :)

2. A yummy homemade breakfast... how 'bout french toast, fresh berries, and maybe a little naughty bacon. Yum. I'd be happy to make the french toast.

3. Some outdoor time. I'm hoping for good weather, and would love some outdoor time. Not running around here and there, maybe just putz-ing in the garden, planting some flowers, or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

4. Some magazine time. How I love to flip through magazines. Perhaps this could be accompanied by a nice glass of wine. :)

5. For dinner? No cooking for me... Take out sounds great, and a movie to watch, even better.

thanks and can't wait for sunday!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fish Taco Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo has passed, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a fiesta! Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or not, any time of year is time for Mexican food!

One of my favorite recipes is fish tacos. It's so easy, and so good. It's also a dish that I love when the weather starts getting warmer... it tastes fresh and light, which is not always the case with Mexican food.

So, whether your throwing a fiesta, or just want to have Mexican food for dinner, enjoy this easy fish taco recipe:

Betsy's Fish Tacos
1. Pan fry Tilapia (or another light fish) with a little olive oil, dash of cumin, and 1T lime juice. (I make approximately 1 filet per person)
2. Cut up tomatoes and avocados to bite size pieces.
3. Mix 1/2 cup light sour cream with 1T lime juice and cumin. Season more to taste. (You can cheat here and instead of cumin, just sprinkle in taco seasoning.)
4. Spray corn tortillas with an olive oil spray, or dab with olive oil, put on a cookie sheet and broil until they are slightly baked (not too crispy). Bake enough tortillas for between 2-3 per person.
5. Assemble fish tacos:
  • tortilla
  • shredded Mexican cheese
  • cooked tilapia
  • cabbage (pre-shredded cabbage for coleslaw works great!)
  • tomatoes and avocado pieces
  • dollop of sour cream mixture
  • if desired, sprinkle a little cilantro for extra zing!
6. Eat up! YUM!!

Also, if you like the pics in this write up, and are planning on having a fiesta, be sure to check out bnute productions' Fiesta Party Kit for more details.

Friday, May 1, 2009

When in France...

My parents just left for a petite sojourn en France yesterday. Aaaahh, I'm so jealous. They'll be heading to Paris for some oolala, then down to the south of France for some Provencal peace! I've been lucky, many times after a trip to France, my mom comes home with the most beautiful dress for my daughter... She doesn't even know how lucky she is!

When finances are tight, though, and dresses may not be in the budget, another great souvenir to bring home are children's books. These are not only great for your own family, but can make really unique and special gifts for friends too!

These 2 books pictured in this post I picked up in a bookstore in the south of France. They are such cute stories. I love to read them to my kids... I bumble through the french, and then roughly translate them so my kids understand. I also picked up French baby word books too-- great way to teach some simple words to your kids and look at the illustrations.

So, if you happen to be lucky and heading on a trip this summer, make sure to pick up a couple kids books before you return... you will love them when you get home!