Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Printable Holiday Tags: Peace, Love, & Joy Hand Letterered

Free Printable Hand Lettered Peace, Love & Joy Holiday Tags from B.Nute productions
'Tis the season... that is for sure!! I've been buzzing around the internet the last couple of days-- Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs and more, and absolutely stunned, overwhelmed and amazed at the most wonderful assortment of free printable holiday goodies available! Tags, gift boxes, invites, wrapping paper, and more. Who needs to go to the store when there's a wealth of goodness just at our fingertips!
Hand Lettered Joy Free Printable Tag from B.Nute productions
Hand Lettered Love Free Printable Tag from B.Nute productions
Hand Lettered Peace Free Printable Tag from B.Nute productions
Well, along with the many free holiday printables I've created in the past, I've decided to add more to the mix! I have a fun time drawing these letters by hand, based on some vintage type inspiration. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Peace, Love & Joy Free Printable Holiday Tags
Free Printable Holiday Tags: Peace, Love & Joy from B.Nute productions
Instructions for Making Holiday Tags
1. Select link above, and print out the tags on 8.5" x 11" card stock from your browser. I suggest using a heavier card stock to give the tags some weight. 
2. Cut out each tag and punch a hole in the side.
3. String with festive ribbon and put on candy bags, gifts, or use as an ornament on the tree!

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lodge Style Personalized Notecards

Lodge Style Personalized Notecards by B.Nute productions on Zazzle
Lake Tahoe? Yellowstone? Yosemite? Rocky Mountain National Park? The Adirondacks? If you are a fan of the Lodge Style look like I am, you'll love my new set of personalized notecards!

I can't get enough of this look. Perhaps it's because I've spent my whole life going to Lake Tahoe (including living there for 2 years, and getting married there.) Or maybe it's because I'm in awe of the "Great Lodge" style buildings, artwork and handicrafts from the early 1900's (i.e.,  The Ahwahnee or Old Faithful Inn). Either way, the textures, patterns, colors, and motifs are all so outdoorsy and grand.

So, head over to my shop and pick up some Lodge Style notecards-- perfect for a quick note in the summer time after a few days in the great outdoors, or great for writing a thank you card by a warm fire on a winter's day!