Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks and Fun

Another fourth of July spent at Lake Tahoe... it just can’t be beat! Not only is the weather great, but the kids have their cousins to play with, and we get to walk outside the porch and watch a great firework show over the lake!

Our kids are less than enthusiastic about the fireworks show outside the back door.... if they had it their way, perhaps it would be on the other side of California... or even better, it would just be cancelled. Ever since they were babies, I must say, loud noises have always bothered them. (This is pretty hard to believe given how noisy our family is!)

So, my solution this year... give them some earplugs, and give them front row seats and see what happens. Well, it worked like a charm. My daugther watched eagerly... my son, a little more reticent on daddy’s shoulder after it started. At the end of the display, I went to ask him how he liked it and he was asleep!! I guess the earplugs really worked!

Here are more shots from our lazy days at the lake...