Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet

Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet by B.Nute productions
Summer is definitely upon us, and summer reading is here! This year we have a little "incentive" program going on for my kids to keep reading. My daughter, son and I met, and decided that if they read a certain number of minutes per week, they'd get a little prize.

Along with reading, I created this free printable Kids Book Report worksheet they could use to remember just a little about the book. I kept it relatively simple (after all, it is summer), but enough that at the end of the summer, they may enjoy looking back at all the books they read.

I may just end up using the worksheet myself! I can't tell you how many times I want to recommend a book because "I loved it," yet I can't seem to really say why I loved it so much!

Happy reading!

Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet from B.Nute productions

Instructions for Printing the Kids Book Report worksheet

1. Select link above and print out. (Sheet is 8x10, and fits perfectly on a 8.5x11 page)

2. Fill out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the look of your printable & my boys would enjoy filling it in but I don't seem to be able to download it. Am I doing something wrong - or am I too late? I hope not.

Baezamama said...

Thank you so much, I am using this for my kids for home school! Love it!

Kindershare said...

The link does not take me to a printable page, just a preview page?

Kindershare said...

The link does not take me to a printable page- only a preview page?

Crystal said...

I think you have to copy and paste it to a document. That's how I got it to work.

Mary Ascol said...

Thank you for the great resource!

Unknown said...

Thank you.... love this book report!

Betsy said...

Thank you Milly and Mary for your nice comments! This has really been a great printable for my kids, I hope for you too!

Chelsey said...

I would love to use this, but I'm so thrifty with my ink use. Would you ever consider making a printer friendly version (ie: no colour and thinner letters for the title)?!?!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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