Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Your Amusement- Cool Exhibit

While travelling the other day through SFO, I got to check out a very cool exhibit of vintage slot machines.

They all had great graphics on them... Hard to capture, but here's a little taste.

This one would look great in a casino at North Shore Lake Tahoe.

A great Halloween one...

Art Deco style too...

So, if you're travelling United in or out of SFO, be sure to check it out!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Craftin' with My Niece: Thrift Store/Green Fun

My teenage niece was in town the other day on spring break and I got a chance to spend the day with her! We don't get much time to spend together since she has lived a couple states away for many years... and when we do, it's usually with the whole family. So, this was a big treat for me to just be one on one together.

I tried to rack my brain of ideas of what would be "cool" to do -- from a teenagers perspective. When that didn't work, I of course resorted back to good ol'crafts!

We headed to the bookstore, and I saw one of Somerset Studios new publications, Green Craft Magazine. Lots of great ideas... perfect for some aunt and niece fun!

We decided to start in on the t-shirt necklace project, so we headed to the thrift store to pick up some old colorful t-shirts. In doing the project, I definitely recommend patterned t-shirts as well as solid shirts. When braided, the different colors in the patterned shirt make for an more interesting design.

Once home, we started to shred! My niece used scissors and I tried my luck at tearing. The trick is you want long strips, so sometimes tearing doesn't work. Once we had our pile, it was time to braid.

We made many necklaces as well as a couple bracelets and anklets too! My niece also did extra braiding and made some bracelets for her younger cousins. Weren't they lucky.

Do you have a fun craft you like to do with your niece or nephew? Would love to know!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Batter Up, It's Baseball Season!

This past weekend was the start of t-ball in our family,
and we have one excited player!
He's got his new hat, his helmet,
his new bat, and glove, and
he's ready to play ball!

Check him out on the outfield... ready for anything, right?

Whoa! The power, the action... I see lots of potential...
hmmm, of course I would since I'm his mom!

If you have a baseball star in your home...
or just a baseball enthusiast,
check out the new party invitations I've designed--
the All Star Baseball Party

Your slugger will love the look--
the stars, the grunge-texture, the cool type style...
it's even got his mug on it! How cool is that.

Also, check out the matching All Star banner below.
Great for pictures of him and his friends...
or pictures of him in action at the plate and on the field...
or how 'bout pictures of the team?

Hope your season is starting out well, and
you have many home runs in your future!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

If I Were Going to the Oscars...

Tonight's the night... time to put on the ritz, and head down the red carpet... the Academy Awards are about to begin! Wouldn't it be fun to go? There would be no sleeping in, though... it would be up and out early, hair, makeup, massage-- to get ready for the big event. Here's the look I may go for this year...

Dress & Makeup
Love this dress by lelarose. The "crepe paper" material, the soft pink, the flowers. Ooo, how simple, yet elegant, old fashion, yet off the shoulder sexy. Nice! And, the makeup too! I do like the softness of her makeup-- not too heavy, but definitely there to dress this look up!

The Hair
Love the curls, and the hair piece. I may look for something a little more vintage-inspired in my hair, but these are the curls I'd go for this year! (This headpiece is by Sara Gabriel.)

The Jewels
Perhaps this vintage style jewel could be made into my hair piece? It has the softness of the pearl, and the sparkle of the crystal-- could be real diamonds too, I'm not picky!

Speaking of diamonds, I could use an accessory or 2 of sparkle-- a nice ring, a lovely bracelet, and delicate yet sparkly necklace... that would be just delightful!

Well, hope you are getting all dolled up for the show tonight!
... and the winner is....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mad Hatter Madness!

If you haven't noticed, it's Mad Hatter Mania out there these days with Tim Burton's rendition of the classic Alice in Wonderland about to be released! I'm excited to see his version! It definitely seems to be a different approach than 1950's Disney version!

Last year, I created this Mad Hatter party kit-- and happily, as the movie's release has been approaching it's become quite popular!

I'm particularly proud of the Personalized banner-- I just love the colors together. The bright lime green, pink, red and blue! I also love how the imagery plays with the different type faces.

So, are you ready to throw a Mad Hatter party? It's a great theme for birthday-- especially with Spring right around the corner. A picnic table set up outside, decorated to the hilt... I can picture it now. Or, how 'bout a Mad Hatter viewing party? Have friends over, a quick, crazy tea party-- then head to the movie theatre!

Here are a few more decorating ideas for your Mad Hatter Party:
  • Playing Cards Everywhere: Pick up a few decks of cards, and scatter all over the top of the table. It's easy, and very festive!
  • Flowers Everywhere: Jars of flowers, vases of flowers, garlands of flowers-- the more the merrier-- and mixed varieties even better! For this one, you can go several routes: fresh flowers will not only look amazing but smell great too! Silk or fake flowers can be just as appealing-- and from a distance look great (think flower garlands strung along the edges of the room or area...) Lastly, you could go with tissue paper flowers! Check out an older blog post of mine about tissue paper flower decorations.
  • Twinkle Lights: Drape a canopy of twinkle lights over the table. This will add glitter and magic to the scene.
  • Floating Butterflies: At your local craft store, pick up some decorative butterflies and hang above or around the table area from clear fishing wire. They'll flutter and float as your tea party settles... a great effect.
Would love to see a picture or hear your Mad Hatter ideas! I'm sure after the movie comes out, there will be loads of inspiring ideas as well!

So, it's off to a very important date.... have fun!