Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Renn Faire

We headed off to the Rennisance Faire this weekend for a great day trip of revelry. This was the first Renn Faire for our kids, but my husband have been a couple times now.

By no means are we Renn Faire regulars... we've only been a couple times, but every time I love it. It's the whole dressing-up-thing and pretending-you-live-in-a-different-time... and yes, the people watching. There are all types out there, and it's just fun to watch!

This year I also came with a slightly different eye. Having completed a Royale Faire Princess and Knight Party Kit, I couldn't wait to see other ideas to complete the whole Royale Faire party experience. Of course, there are plenty of elaborate ideas one can glean, but I did see several simple ideas. that would be easy to produce at a princess and knight party. Here are some shots from the day...Ribbon Garland - How simple and festive is this! Just tie a bunch of ribbons
along a twine and hang!

"The Queen, the queen..." a royale parade causes quite a stir in the crowd.

Plenty of Tarot readings at the Faire... wouldn't that be fun at a Royale Faire bday party?