Monday, February 18, 2008

Why Vintage?

Some folks have asked me why I’m using vintage imagery... what’s the attraction? If you ever came to my house... or met me, you may ask the same thing. My everyday environment is not surrounded by this type of style, but in my studio and my work it’s all over the place! So what gives? Here are my reasons for loving vintage imagery--

It Reminds Me to Be a Kid Again
No, I’m not 90 years old, and these pictures aren’t something I remember seeing in my youth... but when I look at some of the vintage images - children playing, animals dressed up, whimsical expressions, it reminds me to just have fun... be a kid again, enjoy life, don’t take things so seriously, and all those great mottos!

A Simpler Time, but Not Necessarily Easier
Many of the vintage images make me think of what life would have been like back then. It seems to me to have been just a bit simpler than today. No email, no TV, favorite videos to watch, play-dates to schedule, etc... just lots of time playing outside with the neighborhood friends, discoveries in the yard, adventures in a neighboring park. Would I want to live back then? Not necessarily. I think it may have been a little simpler (fewer choices), but I think it must have been a lot harder. Some of our modern conveniences I would never want to be without!

Soft, Subtle Images, Not 3 D Super Saturated (usually)
It’s not that I don’t like super saturated 3 D images... many of todays animated movies I think are great and look good too! But, I do like the softer look of vintage imagery. I think it’s that feminine side of me, that sometimes comes out here and there!

Playful, Whimsical, and Sometimes Just Bizarre!
Some of the images I’ve found can be quite humorous... and some are quite bizarre! It may be a picture of a “child”/person serving up a giant lobster the size of a large dog, 2 kids pulling out a giant shoe from a pond, or a sweet old fashioned girl with a flower for a hat. The playfulness and whimsy many times puts a smile on my face just when I need it.