Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hula Girl Party!!

Aloha! I know it's December, and the last thing on people's mind is a sunny, Hawaiian luau, but that's the theme chosen by my daughter, so, of course I said, "Sounds great!" Fortunately, we live in California, and the weather, although it can be rainy, held out nicely for our luau fun.

Putting on a luau is lots of fun. When I started creating this party kit, I quickly realized, that there's no way that I could only have one luau party in my future collection--- so many different ideas and looks were coming to mind when I gathered imagery (think tiki, surfer, etc.)... so, once I reminded myself that this party was definitely geared for a girl, I had a great time concentrating on a truly girly Hula Girl luau theme-- soft colors, lei flowers, raffia (grass skirt), and retro hula girl imagery. Below are some snapshots from the fun.

A detail from the Hula Girl banner.

A detail from the luau invitation.

Leis, leis, and more leis lined our coat rack for all guests to put on.

Leis, fishing net, shells decorate the outdoor fireplace area... and yes, the not so sightly stereo played great hawaiian music.

The girls LOVED all the crafts--- only a handful of boys participated though... they were quite taken by the lawnful of beach balls... many which ended up at the neighbors by the end of the evening!