Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog

When I left the high tech world several years ago, blogs were just beginning. Babies, diapers, bottles, etc. kept me quite busy for the next several years. I could barely keep up with email, let alone couldn’t fathom having the time to write in a blog. And, besides, who on earth ever reads a blog, and why on earth would anyone read mine?

I’ve thought often about keeping a journal. In fact, I’ve started many. I could go around the bookcases in my house and probably pull down at least 10 just started journals. Perhaps this blog will be the same. Perhaps not?

I’ve indulged myself with a little babysitter time this summer. It’s given me a chance to peek into the outside world... outside of my house, my kids lives, etc. There is so many talented, energetic and creative artists out there, sharing their work, and their stories. It’s a bit voyeristic, but also really fun to read their blogs. What are they up to? Are they doing similar work to what I’ve been doing? Do they have just as little time as I do to do anything for themselves, let alone be creative? It’s refreshing and many times inspiring to read their tales.

I hope my stories can be as uplifting or spark some creativity. Perhaps they’ll just give you a little laugh. Perhaps they’ll be read by no one? Either way, this will be another one of my attempts to try to capture time and memories since time surely does fly by!

Note: Picture is of the clock tower at the Peter Pan park in Kennsington London, taken by me earlier this summer in London, England.


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