Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cabin Style - One Fancy Yurt

Over the holidays, our family was up at beautiful Lake Tahoe. I love it up there... been going since I was a baby, got married up there, and now bringing my own family there. There's been quite a revival of "cabin style" over the last decade or two. Many of the dingy 60's condos are getting updated with a the classic log cabin, rustic look. I'm all for it, since I just love the look... not that I don't appreciate an awesome A-frame ski cabin, decked out with an avocado & orange kitchen, shag rug, and paneling. :)

On this trip, I was treated to an afternoon at a plush cabin style yurt. This yurt (a yurt is one step up from a tent...) sits at the bottom of a ski run and is decked out like a millionaires "great room" in Aspen. Check out the details. I just love it.

Nice wood table with board games to play... This shot doesn't give justice to the set up, though. On each chair is the fuzziest, shag fur cushion. What a cushy seat!

Loved the ski lift bench to adjust your snow boots... also the cushion is a handsome Pendleton blanket.

Old time Tahoe photos, a hanging oil lantern, and more Pendelton blankets makes a great place to relax.

Animal activists close your eyes... This skin hanging on the wall added to the look.

Another Pendleton blanket laying on an Adorandok chair on a sunny deck. Now with a beer in hand, you're set!

Now that's one way to relax after hitting the slopes!

Want more of the look? Check out the book, "Cabin Fever" by Rachel Carley. I'm sure I'll post more about cabin style in the future... and more books. I just love it.