Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Goodie Bag Debate

How many times has your kids come home from a party ecstatic about their goodie bags. They tear it open, eat the piece of candy, rummage through the loot, and within 5 minutes it's abandoned right where it was left... never to be touched again.

Goodie Bag Doo-Dads

We've all experienced this goodie bag phenomenon... and in fact, I'm sure many of us have contributed to it by giving such bags. So, the question is, are goodie bags really necessary?

I just read a post the other day on a moms website I subscribe to. The poor woman asking the question wondered if it would be OK not to give a goodie bag, since times were tough for her, and just throwing the party was an expense enough. Of course, the response was overwhelming... GOODIE BAGS AREN'T A NECESSITY to throwing a good party.


There were many suggestions for what the woman in this situation should do-- from just don't worry about it, the kids will not notice (which I must say can be very true for some, and not as true for other kids...) to other creative ideas.

So, what's my opinion. I must admit, I go either way on the topic. For some parties I've thrown I've had little treats, and some I haven't. I think the key is, the kids are getting a great party... many times planned activities as well as cake and ice cream. That's a pretty good deal. So, if the goodie bag is just going to send you over the edge to have to put together, then no way, don't do it... Or if you're wondering if the kids really need it or will miss it... again, that's a resounding NO. But, if you're in the creative mood, then by all means... make it so!

I have many goodie bag ideas I'd love to share in upcoming posts, but would also hear your goodie bag stories. Any good ones? Any goodie bag horror stories? Do tell... we definitely want to know.