Thursday, January 28, 2010

Party of the Month: Winter Olympics Party

The Winter Olympics is almost here... time to get ready for an awesome Opening Ceremonies Viewing Party!! Below are some ideas to make a great evening... and be sure to check out my Winter Olympics invitations on my etsy shop -- personalized for your event. I have either a Set of Printed Winter Olympic Party Invitations or Digital Winter Olympic Invitation if you'd prefer to print yourself or send in email! Now on to the ideas...


Give your Space that Cozy Lodge Feel with International Flair
Create your own opening ceremony parade by lining your walls with flags from several nations. No hallway? Hang the flags all around your TV room. There are plenty of places to buy flags online, or to save some money, just pick up a pack of construction paper and make your own. Fortunately, most countries have pretty simple flag designs to recreate!
Flags are great decoration, but also play up on the winter theme by accessorizing your TV room with a winter lodge feel– snowflakes on the windows, cozy throw blankets, candles or a nice warm file will do the trick!


In keeping with the winter theme, yet having the menu simple for eating in from of the TV, serve some hearty beef stew in mugs. Add a plate or two of cut up veggies, crackers and cheese, and you’re set! If you’re up for it - along with the stew, set up a simple cheese fondue dish. Fondue is such a great winter treat! Have a bowl handy next to the fondue with cut up bread pieces. Many stores now sell pre-made cheese fondue packs, to make it even easier for you!

As for drinks, for the adults, how about an assortment of international beers, or a few bottles of wines from all over. For kids, you can repeat this theme by finding a few different sodas or juices from different countries. Try a store like Cost Plus World Market for a selection of both adult and children beverages.


Having kids over to enjoy the games? Pull out a small card table and let them create their own olympic medals. Depending on the age, precut some 3” circles in white cardstock. Punch a hole in the top and lay some red, white or blue ribbon out so they can string them once they are done. Now all you need is a few crayons or markers and let your kids’ imagination soar!


Sometimes folks may need to get a little energy out during all those commercial breaks. Have some games ready to play when the time is right.

Live in snow country? How about a sledding race... or have a snowball contest. Who can throw the farthest? Who can throw with the best panache?

Live in a snowless place? No problem. have a fun skiing relay race. Get out some of your ski gear - 2 hats, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 goggles, 2 jackets, 2 scarves, etc. Set up 2 teams, with one set of clothes for each. Now each team races against each other. The catch-- each participant must put on all the ski gear, run to the next participant, take it all off, and give it to them to put on! Make sure to take pictures of the fun!


This one is easy -- obviously the entertainment is watching the Olympics on TV. Here's a link to the Winter Olympics Official Website:


To round out the winter theme, serve some tasty hot cocoa and a few chewy brownies. Make sure to include an assortment of “condiments” for your hot cocoa – mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, whipped cream, and colored sugar sprinkles are always festive.

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Read their full post about a Hot Cocoa Bar!

A goodie bag isn’t necessary, but if you’d like to give a gift, here’s a great book, “The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics, 2010 Edition, by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky.
It is filled with Winter Olympic facts any enthusiast would love!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Have a great party!