Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty Posies Basket: Arts and Crafts Activity

Close Up of B.Nute productions' Pretty Posie Party Invitation

It's a tradition at my kids' school to decorate a paper cone "flower basket", fill it with flowers and leave it on a neighbors door for may Day. It's fun to see the class parading around the neighborhood, baskets in hand.

My Kid's May Day Flower Baskets

This tradition inspired me to create my own "printable" art project, perfect for your Pretty Posies Garden Party! Just select the link to download the art below... then decorate, staple, hang with a ribbon and fill with posies. This is a great project at your child's Garden party... print out several copies of the basket, set up a table with crayons, and let the kids have fun. Depending on the age, they can cut it out, or you can help. Buy some inexpensive posies or flowers from your yard, and fill so they can take home as a treat!

Click to Download this Printable Pretty Posies Basket


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