Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decorate a Butterfly or Cheery Cherry Journal: Party Craft Idea

Decorate a Journal Craft Project
Here is a great craft idea, perfect for a Butterfly Party or Cherry Party, or any day you feel like crafting. The end result will make a great diary, journal or summer writing book during those months without school!

1. Buy some inexpensive Composition Books.
2. Buy some fun, colorful scrapbook papers.
3. Trace the outside edge of the book on the back of the scrapbook paper, to get the correct size to cover the front. Repeat this for a back cover as well.
4. Use a glue stick and glue the decorative paper to the front cover (and back cover) of your book.
5. To decorate with cherries, buy some red and pink buttons at the local craft store. These will be the cherries. Cut out leaf shapes with more scrapbook paper.
6. Glue the buttons and leafs to the cover. Add green glitter as the stem.
7. Your finished Cherry Journal!
8. For a butterfly journal, follow steps 1-4 for covering the front and back of your book. Then, using scrapbook paper, cut out butterfly wing shapes.
9. Glue butterfly wings to the front of the journal.
10. Add glitter accents for antennae and edging. Your Butterfly Journal is complete!