Friday, May 4, 2012

Scrapbook Paper Ideas: Printed Envelope including Envelope Templates

Envelopes printed with Digital Scrapbook papers from B.Nute productions

There's nothing like a printed envelope to make your letter, invitation or thank you note stand out in the mail! Paying for printing of envelopes can be quite pricey-- so instead, just craft some on your own. All you need is some digital scrapbook papers (or printed if you'd like), an envelope template below, and just a little crafting time. Here are some simple instructions to make some fun envelopes.
Printed Envelope Templates
Select the links below and print out the appropriate sized envelope template for your invitation/card. You can print it out on regular white paper, or a light card stock will work too. (Note: A7 size envelope is for a 5x7 invitation, the smaller envelope template is for a 4x6 card, or photo if you'd like.)

Digital Scrapbook Papers printed on to Envelope Template:
Milk and Cookies Paper, Vintage Golf Paper and Sweet Treats Papers shown here
Put the envelope template back through your printer and this time print the digital scrapbook paper design. (Note: For A7 envelope, be sure to select "bleed" or print to edges if possible to get the most pattern on the paper.)

Sweet Treats Printed Paper on Envelope Template - Cut Out
Now cut out the template on the black line. Next step, fold flaps on all sides.

Folded Envelope with Sweet Treats Print
Once our envelope is folded, use a little glue or glue stick on the edge flaps and seal sides. Let dry before stuffing with letter or invitation.

Sweet Treats Thank You Card from B.Nute productions, with Hand Made Sweet Treats Envelope (using digital scrapbook paper)
Once dry, put your card in, seal top flap, address and mail. If pattern is light enough, you can write the name and address on front, or you can use a white address label if you'd like.

Argyle Digital Scrapbook Paper made into envelope with Vintage Golf Invite by B.Nute productions.
Milk and Cookies Digital Scrapbook Paper made into envelope with Milk and Cookies Invite by B.Nute productions
Below are the two envelope templates used in this project. One fits a 4x6 card, and the second fits an A7 (5x7) card or invitation. These both can be printed on 8.5x11 paper.
Free Printable 4x6 Envelope Template by B.Nute productions (fits 8.5x11 paper)

Free Printable A7 (5x7) Envelope Template by B.Nute productions (fits 8.5x11 paper)

Instructions for Printing Your Envelope Templates
1. Select specific envelope template link above and print out from your browser. Use card stock to give the envelope some weight if you'd like.
2. Follow instructions in this blog post for creating your postcard with digital scrapbook paper as the front!

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.


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