Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Printable Beer Tasting Score Card and More...

Free Printable Beer Tasting Score Card from B.Nute productions
A Beer Bash just wouldn't be a real bash unless there was some good old fashioned beer tasting going on! Here are the perfect free printable Beer Tasting Score Cards to help you and your guests rate the best.

Don't know where to start to guide your guest on "how" to taste and rate beer? I've rounded up a bunch of sites below that have some great cheat sheets to help. Print out some of their info, and pass it around the party-- so guests can decide just how huge the head is, or whether or not they indeed taste a hint of licorice or maple syrup!

  • RateBeer Beer Tasting and Rating Sheet - This sheet is mightly complex for an everyday Beer Bash-- but it does offer loads of terminology and hints to help the everyday taster.
  • Beer Tasting Wheel - Perhaps purchase a Beer Tasting Wheel or two, and have those around the party so folks can refer to them for ideas when scoring.
  • Beer Evaluation Sheet - Here's another rating sheet that offers some hints in a few categories; Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, Mouthfeel, Finish, General Impressions. Perhaps categorizing will help your crowd.
  • Ladder Tournament for your Beers - Ever thought of holding a ladder tournament for your beer tasting? Here's a sample "Beer Cup" ladder tournament hosted in New Zealand. Perhaps you can create your own based on the beer theme you are serving.
Free Printable Beer Tasting Score Card
Free Printable Beer Tasting Score Card from B.Nute productions
Instructions to Make Your Score Cards
1. Select the above image and print out on paper.
2. Cut out scorecards.
3. Hand out at party and start tasting!!

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