Thursday, March 27, 2008

Give a Memorable Gift

I haven’t done this yet... but when I read the article, I thought, that’s a GREAT idea... I thought I’d share it!

So many birthday parties, so many birthday presents. I don’t know about you, but I find it all a bit overwhelming. I ask my child what he/she thinks his friend wants.... “uhh, I don’t know, maybe a [doll/car/something-that-will-break instantly and the parent will definitely not want their child to receive].” You know how it goes.

So, next step, I email the parent. “What’s your child into these days?”

That’s worked very well lately. I’ve gotten a much better insight into a possible gift that will be appreciated by both kid and parent, and can pretty much immediately head out to my local toy store and purchase.

Done. Check off the to do list.... I should feel satisfied, but then I remind myself of this article. It said instead of one of these gifts, give the friend a the gift of time (I know, corny, isn’t it...) --- but it sounded great. Give the friend a coupon for a playdate - a movie with just your child and his/her friend, a trip to the ice cream shop for a sundae for the 2 of them, maybe even just a picnic and trip to a park they both like.

Sounds like just another playdate, I know, but if it’s “hyped” up, it may be an outing the 2 really remember and get to spend some special time together. Bring a camera. Take a picture and give it to them in a frame remembering the day. You get the idea.

I know it seems like a lot more work then just running to the toy store and “checking it off the list.” But it could end up being easier in the end.... they wanted a playdate anyway!

So, now I need to take some of my own advice. I’m convinced too! Next party, it’s a coupon for an afternoon outing-- no toy that gets discarded into a basket of endless toys before the recycling folks even take the packaging away!