Friday, March 7, 2008

Themes Aren’t for Everyone... or Are They?

So, I have to tell a story... I love this story, it makes me smile in satisfaction every time I think of it!

For my wedding, I did the theme-thing... I know, you’re thinking, “eeeeghads, she’s one of those types of people...” I think I could get away with the theme-thing for a wedding in my family because a) I’m the youngest of 4, so our family had experienced many traditional weddings, and a theme would be a good change... and b) I’m the “artist-one”, so I could get away with it!!

We had our wedding weekend up in Lake Tahoe, California. A place that holds so many memories for me, from the time I was a baby, to even living up there a couple years right after college. I decided on going with an “old time Tahoe”/summer camp theme. Think of the rustic lodge-look, mixed with that Tatum O’Neill/Kristy McNickel movie about coming of age in summer camp. I wanted that. Sophistication, fun and maybe a little wild behavior too! :)

As I dove into creating the theme; grouping the guests into “cabins”, coming up with camp activities like knot tying, lanyards, learning guitar, and creating boy scout inspired badge books for each guest, I got a little feedback from my father, one who’s opinion I always take to heart.

He said, “I think your ideas are great, this will be so much fun, but when I think of many of our friends that we’ve invited, I just don’t know how many will really participate, Sweetie. I’d expect only 20-30% or so. Will that be OK with you?”

“Yes.” I said... I heard him, I’d be OK with that, but I thought, maybe he’s wrong with this one??

Sure enough, the participation was AMAZING... 100% if not even more. We ran out of boy scout badges! My husband’s elderly grandfather and my grandmother were giving it their all learning guitar chords... one of my mom’s friends artistically created a nature-inspired frame that hangs in her home even today, and many folks put on their bi-focals to figure out how on earth you make a lanyard! And, yes, the bar badge (received by drinking a good amount of beverages), was a hit too!

At toast time, I had the counselors add up all the badges per cabin, and announce the winning cabin. It was quite a scene... no matter the age, everyone loves a little competition. The winning cabin all got camp t-shirts, and wore them with pride!

I know, there are still many theme-nay-sayers out there.... I saw a t-shirt on a woman at a Halloween party. It read, “I don’t do costumes.” Well she doesn’t know what she’s missing! She needs to come to a bnute party-- that will change her mind!


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