Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Summer of Love

A psychedelic Summer of Love party... I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than to bring back the late 60’s to celebrate my “big” birthday!

Growing up, my birthday always fell on the last day of school, or during finals. Well, this year was no exception, my birthday was on the last day of school for my daughter. I must say, though, it couldn’t have worked out better... who doesn’t want to celebrate the last day of school with a party... even if it is a weeknight? There’s no school the next day, so let it rip.

The Dead, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and more... they all played loudly as the kids made god’s eyes and the adults relaxed with cool beverages and granola mix to munch on! (Yes, the food was in theme as well!) It was a great “mellow” way to start the summer!

I have yet to make this party theme into a bnute productions Party Kit, but have plans in the future to add it to my collection. I really enjoyed researching the imagery for the party. I’m very familiar with the rock posters of the late 60’s (I’m sure half the guys in my dorm in college had at least one or two hanging in their room), but didn’t really put it together the Nouveau Art/Art Deco influence. If you’re interested, a great book to look at is called, “High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster.”