Monday, June 23, 2008

Wild West Weekend

OK, so my “big” birthday celebration didn’t just end with a psychedelic party (see Summer of Love), the partying had to continue for at least another week!

So, another celebration, means another party theme, right? (Call me crazy, I know!) Since my whole family (sisters, brother, parents, spouses, kids, etc.) all headed to Keystone, Colorado-- I thought why not a good ol’fashioned Wild West weekend!

Besides the great company, delicious meals, and tasty wines, the 2 highlights of our trip was our hayride and an outing to an old West town!

including Alma and Fairplay. I had done some “research” onOne afternoon, my sisters and I hopped in the car and headed towards South Park. Yes, this is the same South Park as the cartoon television show... South Park is located almost in the middle of the state, and the area consists of several towns the web before arriving, so I felt so knowledgeable when I told my sisters what a great roadtrip with would be for us.

We typed in Alma, CO in the GPS and headed out on our adventure. Thank goodness that was not the only stop, because we flew by the town of Alma with out even blinking an eye! Fortunately, Fairplay had much to offer. Not only did we find a great low-key deli for lunch, we stumbled upon a great shop for mountain cabin accessories as well as a completely recreated Western town.

After my sister shopped, we wandered through the western town. It included several different homes of the late 1800’s, and apocathary shop, a post office, a hotel, a bar, and pretty much ever other shop you’d find in an 1800’s western town. Apparently the many of the buildings are actually original... moved from neighboring towns, to recreate a town feel. Inside the buildings were hundreds of antiques and artifacts that brought the town to life. I must say, the doctors and the dentist’s office were quite frightening. The tools at those times were quite archaic!

A couple days after that adventure, we all headed out for a hayride. Again, another great western adventure.... lasso practice, horseshoes, a tasty dinner and a great colorado folk band to entertain us. The kids were in heaven, and the adults had a blast too. I must of been a cowgirl in a former life, because I do love being in the mountains and a good hayride!