Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hommage to Oscar!

Well, tonight's the night... it's Oscar time. Right about now, I'm sure the stars are primping and priming for the event. I love the Oscars. I don't know why, given at this point in my life, I'm not seeing any movies in a theatre... except if they are rated G, but I still love the hollywood glam!

I used to throw an Oscar party every year, but since kids, I've taken a slight break in the big production! My sister, though, has now taken on the role in earnest, and I love to hear what she's planning!
My sister has not only thrown blow-out Oscar parties including big screens and formal attire, she has also been to the Oscars-- not the actual event, but the after parties (which in my book is better than the Oscars themselves.) She went the year of the Lord of the Rings phenomenon... Unfortunate for her, she's not a big Tolken fan... but she did meet Frodo's co-horts - one who I think is a big star on the TV show LOST.

One of the best traditions that she and I started for our Oscar parties was the menu planning... We based our dishes around the Best Picture nominees. It's so fun coming up with something that is in theme with the movie!
Here's her menu for this year--
Slumdog Curry
Benjamin Button Sized N'Orleans Crab Cakes

The Reader Brat Bites Served on Saurkraut
Beer in Frosty Nixon Glasses
MILK with Brownies

If you're off to an Oscar gala, have fun, or if you're at home, enjoy some movie popcorn and hot dogs... sometimes simple is great too!

See ya in the movies!

BTW-- in many of the pics above is my latest and greatest Oscar party banner! I'm thinking of doing a Hollywood style party-- a little glam, some hollywood regency. Have you ever thrown a Hollywood party? Love to hear your ideas...